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Throughout the past 9 years we have participated in an extraordinary level of growth in different fields that are serving the needs of our clients' comfort.

The growth we are involved in comes down to our combined experiences of over 120 years in Travel & Tourism & our philosophy that provides you with a completely carefree & memorable holiday.

Traveline has excelled since its formation in October 2002 by increasing its Nile cruise fleet to 4 Luxury Nile Cruise Boats, one of which is a Steam Boat.
Traveline Transportation has also increased its fleet to 28 coaches.
Traveline's offices in Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Sharm El Sheikh & Hurghada are updated frequently with the latest technology for communication.

Currently we have two projects under construction, a Boutique Hotel in Sahl Hasheesh Bay located in Hurghada City and a Dahabya Nile cruise sailing boat with only 4 Suites.

Traveline is determined to provide its clients with the finest services.

Working together, we are confident our results will satisfy you.
Hisham Imam,
Managing Director


Traveline Egypt specializes in providing services to incoming Tour Operators, MICE & Niche FIT business either from Luxury specialized Tour Operators or individual clients through our web site. We take pride in our combined experience of over 120 years in travel & tourism. Our goal is to achieve the highest level of operational excellence & provide all our customers with unbeatable quality of service.

Traveline main office is located in Maadi, the business hub of south Cairo, is well situated for easy access to the city. The office is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment & technology to facilitate our communications with our Principles abroad & our branches in Egypt.
Our spacious & modern facilities will more than adequately satisfy our partners in Travel.

Our own owned branches are situated in Luxor, Shram El Sheikh, Hurghada & Aswan. These offices are operated by Traveline staff.
In the near future we will be having our self owned office in Marsa Allam & Ein El Soukhna.

Traveline Egypt is a group of companies that serve all the needs of our principles abroad


We have different departments serving all kinds of Tourism & Travel needs. Starting from Charter business's to Tailor made programs. This also includes our:
Conference & exhibition Department
Incentive & special Groups Department
FIT Niche Market Department
Bird Watching Department
Golf & creation Department
Dessert Oasis Department

We worked hard throughout the years to make sure that all of our Senior & Junior staff are well experienced & trained through various courses that we arrange to upgrade their quality of understanding of serving the needs of our clients. It is a pleasure to mention that all our Senior staff have a minimum of 15 Years experience & that our Junior staff are well recognized by our colleagues in Travel business as being well trained & focused in serving clients needs.
We save no effort or money in providing training courses for all our senior & junior staff in all fields that will help in upgrading their capabilities for serving Tourism & travel. The courses that we provide are in:
Health & Safety
Airport service

We put our utmost efforts to use all available tools & facilities to improve the capability, efficiency & professionalism of all our staff working in the different departments.
Our dedicated team will always be available to share their experience & knowledge of Egypt & set you on the right track.

Our Web site is divided into two divisions

Tour Operators
This serves the needs of the Tour Operators around the world

Individual Travelers
This helps all clients who are taking bookings directly through our web site


This was our first priority after setting up Traveline Tourism.

Nile cruising is one of the highlight trips in Egypt. In fact it is a trip that combines leisure, tranquility & panoramic scenery with culture. That is why it is a unique trip.
When we thought of having our own boats we concentrated on pursuing important issues

* We must come up with new exterior & interior design that reflects our way of creativity linked with Luxury Ships & services
* Health & safety was our main concern as this was an issue on Nile Cruise ships previously. Therefore we have contracted with Crystal Hygiene Company to check our boats on monthly basis

M/S Hamees was our first boat but then thinking of above two points this boat looks completely different than when it started operation in year 2001. We then built the M/S Sun Ray followed by our Luxury steam Boat S/S Misr. Finally we have now our new M/S Darakum.
We never cease to come up with new plans therefore; we are in the process of building a Dahabya with only 4 suites. Each suite is appointed a butler who is dedicated to serving his clients needs. Our plan is to inaugurate this Dahabya in October 2011.

In our web site Cruise section you will find the details of our ships:

* How many cabins / Suites each ship has? Their size
* Cabins / Suites configurations
* The facilities on board each ship
* Deck Plan of each ship
* Day to day itinerary
* Pictures of each ship
* Certified certificates form Crystal hygiene approving our standard of health & safety

Traveline Transport

This was our third company that we set up. It is basically serving the needs of Traveline Egypt

Traveline Transport main principle is to achieve the following:

* Meeting the European requirements for health, safety & public liability
* Providing the most modern means of transport
* Speed limiter is installed in all coaches as per the Egyptian regulation
* We were among the first Transport company to install black box in all our coaches
* Training sessions are provided to all drivers
* All drivers go through driving & health test as per Egyptian regulations
* All drivers wear a Traveline uniform

On our Traveline Transport section you will find all the details.

* Traveline For Touristic Development

This is our newly born company that started 2 years ago.

We are currently Building our own Hotel in the Red Sea coast in an Area Called Sahl Hasheesh, with the plan to open in year 2012.

The Sahl Hasheesh Bay is 12 km stretch of beach. It is designed to meet all the clients requests from Hotels, Boutique Hotels, Flats, Houses, shopping To entertainment area’s.

Our specialist staff have many years of experience in Tourism. They are available around the clock to ensure that you & your customers are offered exceptional care & service.
Itinerary planning, flight & transport arrangements & special requirements are second nature to our team.
Traveline offers you a level of expertise & professionalism that will put your mind at rest.

Our operators are in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Kenya, South-Africa, Netherlands, Australia, Norway & Denmark. Our aim is to establish our business connection globally, stretching across central & Eastern Europe, the Middle & Far East & the USA.

Our Vision in Traveline Egypt is to provide your customer with a completely care free & memorable travel experience in Egypt.


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